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Judges 3:11-15 by Robert Dean

Are you ready to begin an episode in the Word of God making fun of a fat, stupid ruler? Listen to this lesson to learn why the Word of God is mocking him and find out the parallels between what was happening then with the current situation in the USA. See how Israel was humbled by this incident just as our country is humbled daily by the disastrous decisions made by our leaders which make us a laughing stock to other nations. Find out the only answer to this dilemma which is the biblical answer.

During this lesson Dr. Dean referenced the upcoming Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics meeting on September 15–16. 2021. Click here to get more information. We will not be having Bible class on September 16 as Dr. Dean will be attending this conference.

Series:Judges (2021)
Duration:1 hr 0 mins 14 secs